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Stephen King - Everythings Eventual - In The Deathroom - (2002)

5.0 out of 5 stars Stephen King reads Stephen King, and he does a good job, September 9, 2006
By Rennie Petersen (Copenhagen, Denmark) - See all my reviews
Here are two short stories ("In the Deathroom" and "Lunch at the Gotham Café") written and read by Stephen King, and presented on audio CD.

"In the Deathroom"

This story takes place in a Central American dictatorship and pits Fletcher, a New York Times reporter, against the head of the local secret police, who intends to torture and then kill Fletcher. Fletcher's chances of survival are approximately zero, and the major question seems to concern the way in which he will die.

There is nothing supernatural involved in this story. All the horror comes from a man-made situation and features simple human evil. What kind of people can torture human beings and find enjoyment in it?

Incidentally, I'm fairly sure that the background for this story is Stephen King's outrage over the rape and murder of three American nuns in El Salvador in 1980. There is a certain anger in his writing that is understandable when taking that real-life occurrence into account.

In The Deathroom


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